Thursday, June 07, 2007

Setting Fence Posts

e're a bit late with the garden this year. Ken's been working such long hours at work as well as keeping up with his handyman business. His boss recently bought a house and hired Ken to help him remodel it. So every night after work they've been over there gutting and rebuilding cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom, laying tile and hardwood floors. They work on that every night until about 9pm and then on the weekends he's been working on other peoples houses. This last two weekends he and I have been building a garden fence for the neighbor across the street! It never ends.

Now, at last, we've started fencing our garden to keep those pesky deer out!

We're using the 16 ft cattle panels as they last forever. They're only 5ft high so we'll be cutting other panels in half length ways and adding another couple of feet above what you see here. If the deer get over that I don't know what we'll do. Maybe cap the whole thing with a wire roof!

Well, anyway we're late. Keep your fingers crossed that we get to harvest something before winter arrives again!

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fred said...

We need to talk. We've had enough deer, not enough vegetable survival. I had been thinking about the cattle panels as a great investment on long term gardening. We'll be moving ours closer to the house as well.