Friday, September 15, 2006

The Kitchen Garden

I haven't been keeping up very well here the past month or so. Things get so busy in the summer once the garden starts to produce. Also it's just nice to be outside enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

Thought I'd post a picture of the kitchen garden. Over all it did very well! We've had tomatoes, peas, swiss chard, radishes, cabbages, leeks and turnips -and soon hot peppers -out of this little patch of earth by the back door! The deer only got to the tomatoes one night and that's because we turned off the porch light. We found that as long as the porch light is on they don't come up so close. Wish I could say the same for the main garden. We have had a lot of potatoes out of it but everything else has been demolished by the deer! Ken has some ideas for next year though!
Anyway, now it's time to be putting in the fall garden. The tomato vines will be pulled up this next week and peas planted. The deer which are still everywhere will get very scarce once hunting season comes around so hopefully we'll still be able to have fresh produce right up until the snow flies.
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