Monday, March 13, 2006

The two pallet chicken tractor

Ken very often comes home with these used pallets. He found these in a dumpster (skip). I started building what we call a chicken tractor. I think in England it's called an 'ark'. They're nice because you can keep moving them around and the chickens have fresh ground to scratch in all the time. I put a shelf /nest box up in the back of this one and a branch so the chicken can go up there to lay her eggs. It doesn't look like much here but I managed to get it finished this morning and I'll take pictures of it tomorrow.

It took me all week to build it because I was using up the stash of nails 'not bent enough to throw away'! They're all in a bucket along with oodles of other odds and ends left over from past projects so it means rumaging through the bucket to find just the right size nail then hammering it straight. The sawing ( the wood for the sliding doors at the back) was the hardest part though. We just about wore out the miter saw and the safety shield fell off it last week. I'm too scared to use it without the shield so I had to resort to the hand saw.

The two chickens that were in the house are in this now and seem to be very happy. I figured that with the high probability of the avian flu showing up over here soon the authorities will no doubt want all back yard flocks confined at the very least. This is a quick easy way to do it and yet they can still be moved around the yard. Posted by Picasa

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