Monday, October 03, 2005

Thought I would post a few pictures taken earlier in the week.

A couple show the flowers I planted outside of the back door. They're blooming now that it's cooling off. Also a picture of our cat Bramble up in the dogwood tree. I never knew that Dogwoods had such beautiful red 'berries' on them in the fall. This is an old tree that's almost completely hollow. There's evidence of a fence having been nailed to it at one time allowing bugs and rot to set into it. But it's still very much alive as you can see. I'm looking forward to seeing it flower in the spring. We must have just missed it this year.

I spent the last three days clearing out the art room. What a job. All the boxes that didn't need to be unpacked right away got dumped in that room. I'm really missing the two car garage we had at our other house. It was a great place to store 'stuff'. It's about the only thing I miss. Anyway, things are coming together slowly. I found just about all of my eraser carvings and inks. Seeing them is causing me to want to start creating again. And thanks to Mindy I have the chance to sell some of my work! Thank you Mindy!!!

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